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February 8, 2020


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Why Your Kids Need You to Play Board Games with Them

The technology-free environment that board games create when playing allows you to bond with the child far away from the influence of technology. Most parents wish that their children were not so much into video games, movies, music, and cartoons. Board games are simple to play and they do not involve any technology. These are the advantages behind playing board games with children.

Teach your child the values that one must have during competition through board games so that the kid becomes a good competitor. When you encourage a child who has no tolerance for losing to break the rules, teach the child how to follow the rules and help him or her to deal with the frustration of losing.

The development of children under the age of five years can be improved with the aid of board games because they enable the children to improve on their talents and acquire new skills. Games motivate children to learn and fasten the learning process because they put the kids in a unique learning environment other than the normal classroom set up.

Help the child to learn a language using board games. Reluctant readers need boar games to help them expand their vocabulary and improve on their spelling skills. Some games require the players to remember several pieces of information at once to help a person who has reading comprehension problems.

Board games allow kids to develop their cognitive skills. The kids acquire self-taught skills of forecasting, planning and implementing strategies to win the game. The child will learn more about problem-solving, critical thinking and decision making out of planning, predicting and strategizing that he or she does while playing. Cognitive development enhances the growth of the frontal lobes of the brain in teenagers.

You child will be able to concentrate for a longer time when they play these games. Some kids are slow to learn because they have a short attention span. The concentration span of the child is lengthened when the child is able to focus on the game for a longer time.

Introduce your child to early learning using board games. Young players use board games to identify letters, words, images, colors, count spaces and more. The hand-eye coordination of the child improves when the child moves cards around the board.

The value of teamwork is appreciated more when children are exposed to it through games. When kids play in groups that have members of various genders, ages, religions, races, lifestyle and more they learn to appreciate the uniqueness in others which is what they need when they are adults.

Board game will help the child to overcome anxiety and build interpersonal skills which will enable him or her to build confidence and strike up conversations with others. Your child needs to be introduced to playing structured board games that require him or her to talk to playmates so that the child’s interpersonal skills can improve.

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